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A Message From the President of FOBA

Greetings fellow Ratones!                                              June 2, 2019


Albuquerque was a fantastic Convention, thanks to Ruben and Bonnie Gomez.  Everything was superb, hospitality room, LRC, raffles and most of all the best camaraderie in the world.   It should not go without saying that because of the funds generated by split the pots, LRC, raffles and auctions our treasury is consistently in the black!  Many thanks to all the associate members, including the following, Paulette Rodriguez, Jeanne Ham, June Burnett, Cathy Stock, Cookie Nattinger, Ann Herring, Pam Braziel and Malena Kuykendall, who every year makes the individual and couples photo frames. Thanks ladies for all the work you have done for decades!  Cudos.   It is deeply appreciated.  Thanks to Dick Braziel and Lou Richenberger for their service on the board, and congratulations to Gilbert Hinojosa newly elected Director to the Board. Yours truly was elected President and James “Jaime” Kuykendall was elected Vice President.


The next two venues for Conventions was voted Dallas, 2020 with John and Karen Phillips hosting, and, Tucson, 2021 with Dave and June Burnett hosting. 


Several items were discussed that will included in the minutes on our website.  Some points of discussion may involve possible changing of our bylaws, which will necessitate a vote at next years Convention. Also, Joby Donaldson was good to see at Albuquerque. She was warmly welcomed by all!


John and Karen Phillips are off to a running start with a venue for our next Convention.  It looks it may even be finalized within weeks.  Good going y’all.


If I missed anything, let me know and I will get it out in email or Twix.


May God bless you all and be safe, happy and healthy!


Paul D. Herring, President, FOBA


A good time was had by everyone that attended the Albuquerque FOBA conference, thanks to Bonnie and Ruben Gomez!

At the General Membership meeting on April 28, 2019, John Phillips indicated that he was willing to host the 2020 FOBA Conference in Dallas, Texas. The Membership voted in favor of the 2020 FOBA Conference being in Dallas, Texas.  This is the preliminary information:

Next year's convention will be here in Dallas at the Marriott Courtyard in Grapevine, Texas.  They have given us a special rate of $99.00 a night.  The dates are April 24, 25, 26.

Paul has the contract and is sharing it with the Board as we speak.

Here are some of the things that we can offer:

The room rate at the Marriott Courtyard is $99 plus tax

1.     There is free shuttle service to and from the Airport

2.     Saturday and Sunday things to do include the following:


a.    Historical City of Grapevine – great shopping & great food

b.    Dallas Cowboys Golf Course, about 1 mile away

c.    Grapevine Vintage Railroad – Trip to Fort Worth Stock Yards on old Steam Engine Train

d.    President John F. Kennedy Museum – Downtown Dallas

e.    Grapevine Mills -- Boasting more than 180 stores in a 1.8 million-square-foot indoor mall --  ˝ mile away


3.     Hard Eight Barbeque – Scheduled for 6:45 pm dinner Saturday night with a complimentary band starting at 7:00 pm

a.     Final menu selection for Hard Eight Barbeque on Saturday evening has not yet been made


4.     Dinner at the hotel on Sunday


More to come through normal channels





A new Honorary Member

Donald J. White




February 24, 2019


Welcome to FOBA Donald J. White (Honorary)


Donald - Your application for Honorary Membership as a brother rat in the Fraternal Order of Border Agents has been received and processed by the Membership Committee. Your  membership has been approved. I want to welcome you as our newest member.


Our webmaster, Arne Flores, has advised us of your technical expertise and assistance with our website. It has been greatly appreciated. As our brother rat,you may now access our secure members pages on  the website. As I am sure, you already have Arne's E-Mail and he can assist you with accessing those pages.


Also , please reply to and advise Jeanne Ham if you would like to receive E Mail or hard copies of the QUE PASO ( FOBA Newsletter ) and Members Roster. We prefer the E Mail route as it is more treasury  friendly.


You are also invited to meet with your brother and sister rats at our Annual Members Conference  hosted by Ruben and Bonnie Gomez in Albuquerque N.M on April 26 - 29. The particulars of the Conference can be found on the Website and in the current QUE PASO.


Again, Welcome, Pam and I look forward to meeting with you and yours at our Conference, if your schedule will allow you to make it. 


Richard E. Braziel

FOBA President


Que Paso

February 18, 2019

Chairman of the Membership Committee:

In accordance to the Fraternal Order of Border Agents (FOBA) Bylaws, I herby nominate Donald J. White to be an Honorary Member of FOBA. I have known Mr. White for over 35 years. Mr. White is a person of good reputation and character and possesses no criminal record or conviction for a felony or moral turpitude. In my opinion, Mr. White has made substantial contribution to the aims and objectives of this organization.

It should also be noted that Mr. White is the son of deceased FOBA member Gene L. White, who passed on August 10, 1989 (RIP).

As everyone in FOBA is aware, I am the designated webmaster for the Borderrats website. For the past two years, the members have been suffering with an unfriendly login website controlled by Serif Web Resources. To the point that Serif Web Resources discontinued total support of their software on August 31, 2018.

At the San Antonio FOBA Conference, I suggested that we do away with the website since only 25 members utilize the website. I was instructed to fix the problem. After contacting, the company that owns the domain, they indicated that that did not deal with sign in authentication issues. I also contacted Hosting4less, the company that we contract to host They also indicated they did not deal with sign-in authentication issues. I contacted a variety of other internet companies without success.

I have known through the years the Mr. White has been a computer 'geek' since he graduated from high school.  I contacted Mr. White directly and described the FOBA website issues. He indicated that he may be able to help us out. He contacted me a week later and I laid out the issues. He said he could fix it for us. Later he and I had two internet conversations and after that he took over the project. Mr. White not only cured our sign-in authentication issues, he totally rebuilt the website in the PHP 5.3 mode (which you or I will never understand what that is). In other words, we are now no longer using the Serif software. The website is very fast, comparably to what we had and it is a friendlier login site. Mr. White also indicated to me that he would help me with future support on the website.

During my last internet conversation with Mr. White, I asked him what his fee would be for his work. He responded that he would not charge FOBA anything, that he was doing this in honor of his dad, Gene L. White.

I, as the FOBA Board Secretary and FOBA Webmaster will vouch for Mr. White's character and veracity. Your consideration will be appreciated.

Respectfully submitted,


Arne Flores

FOBA Secretary/Webmaster